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Writing a new story for those who refuse to accept the status-quo of aging.

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Hi, my name is Paula-Rose.

Living long and strong is about doing everything possible to stay vital, active and relevant.

It’s about keeping your brain engaged and up to date with new experiences and learning.

It’s about living with purpose, winning the race and inspiring others.

So many people accept that with aging comes break down of their bodies, chronic disease, pain and pill popping. To this add weight gain, senior moments and living below the poverty line.

I’m writing a new story for myself … and for those who refuse to accept the narrative of aging in our culture.

My own fervent conviction to remain strong, sexy and vibrant ignites my passion to help others live with longevity and abundance.

Celebrating the possibility of you …

Beach Walks

Rose Hearts Collected

Dalmatians Loved

Lives Transformed

Rose Rambles

Success Trail

Paula- Rose helped me to make sure my strengths and inspirations are always in the forefront of my mind.

She helped me to wade through any setbacks and to see them as stepping stones.

She understands that there are many aspects to success – the most important being to recognize your strengths and build on them.

She is just one of those people that is always positive – her zest for life and upbeat personality are infectious!

Sam Buckley


When I think of someone who can instantly change my way of thinking, it is without doubt Paula-Rose.
She is full of passion, energy and enthusiasm for living strong and healthy.

As a coach she is super-supportive and when you need that push she is right behind you giving you that gentle nudge.

Yvonne "Energy Boss" Mackett

My cravings have diminished! I love how Paula-Rose would always be there with suggestions.

It was great motivation and kept me on track.

Everything I have learned, I will use for the rest of my life. With Paula-Rose I feel like we developed an awesome partnership that truly changed my life.

Naomi Jensen


Who is Paula-Rose Fox?

A force. She will bring out your best and lead you with love.
She’ll pace you with humor and skillful thinking with her decades of training and experience.

She has pursued mastery in well-being and health: whether exercise, nutrition, food, business, marketing and loving yourself, inside and out.

She ignores the status quo and wants you to become your BETTER.

You didn’t think that could be done?! Ask her, she will show you!

Katie Rowe

CEO Rowe

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