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As we edge closer to the close of another year its a good time to reflect on how you are tracking towards your success?

Are you still taking steps towards your goals or letting them drift away?
Are you doing the things you know you should be or letting fear or circumstances stop you in your tracks?
Are you tracking forward or are you slowly slipping backwards?

Great questions… If you’re growing, if you’re taking steps towards your
goals, if you’re doing the things you know you should be, then you are your own best asset.

If not you may be becoming a liability.

You’re tracking forward if…

You’re still committed learning and striving…

You read good books, blogs, articles & take relevant study courses to increase your skills

You take massive action. You understand that REAL
learning comes from being in action… not in procrastination.

You learn from the people you meet, the experiences
you have, the mistakes you make along the way.

You’re tracking forward if…

You speak confidently about yourself, your abilities,
your business, your future.

You don’t use weak words like “try” or “wish.” You believe that you will do whatever it takes

You don’t say “I can’t”… you ask “how can I?”

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